Critical Social Media Legal Issues You Must Know

Courts no longer view Social Media as a  public relations issue, they view social media as a "high liability" human resource issue that impacts the constitutional rights of all governmental employees and the public at large. Below are important legal issues that drive the urgency to have me update your social media policy and make my online course  mandatory for all employees.

“This was a very informative class. I never knew there was this kind of social media liability. What made this course so different is that you focused on legal issues as opposed to creating content to increase followers. I will recommend this course to others.” Sarah Brown, Tampa Police, FL

Game-Changing Social Media Policy Cases

These cases represent a modern trend among the nation courts to reject boilerplate social media policy language used by reputable policy services and other organizations. Also, the cases had one one striking similarity, they didn't have an experienced social media attorney specialist like me review and close hidden policy gaps created by the new federal standards.

Liverman V. City
Of Petersburg
844 F3d. 400 (2016)

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O'Laughlin v. Palm Beach County
20-14676 (11th Cir. April 1, 2022)

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7 Reasons To Classify Social Media As A High-Risk Human Resource Issue...

Employees can cause reputational damage worldwide.

Employee posts are permanent and can be unearthed years later.

Most employee in-house attorneys are not social media law experts.

Employees can use personal devices on/off duty with little oversight.

Employees are often ignorant of new social media "Free Speech" laws.

Employees are often ignorant of new social media libel and privacy laws.

Employees are sued personally under 1983 Civil Rights Statute.

To Recover Greater Legal Damages In A Social Media Lawsuit, Employees Are Now Being Sued Personally Under 42 U.S.C. 1983 

In A Negligent Training Lawsuit Your Social Media Policy Proves That You Knew Social Media Was A "High Risk" Liability Topic Or You Wouldn't Have Written The Policy In The First Place.

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Inadequate Social Media Liability Training Creates Fertile Ground For Harassment, Discrimination, Defamation, And Workplace Violence

Courts Reject These Excuses To Ignore Expert Social Media Liability Training

We have a social media policy.

Our attorney handles everything.

We can't afford expert training.

We have never been sued.

We are just a small agency.

We have insurance to protect us.

Beware Of Instructors Who Think Doing A Google Search or Attending A Few Conferences Qualifies Them As Licensed Social Media Law Experts.

The Lack Of Expert Training Is Causing Improperly Trained Employees To Make Costly Mistakes...


2 Myth-Busters About  Having Insurance...

Myth-Buster #1: Even if you are covered by insurance for social media mistakes, your premiums will skyrocket and your insurance doesn't cover the loss of public trust from hurtful employee social media mistakes.

Myth-Buster #2: Even if employees obtain personal liability insurance, their claims can be denied if a court finds the social media posts were malicious; insurance doesn't cover claims that involve malicious conduct.

"Mark, your information was like purchasing a one-million-dollar insurance policy." - Bryan Macy, Winston Salem Police, NC

Here's The Biggest Benefit Of My
Social Media Liability Programs

Checklist Before You Fire Or Discipline An Employee For Social Media Policy Violations 

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When You Ignore My Urgent Expert Training, You Put Both Your Organization And Staff At Great Legal Risk

"Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz proved today that if you don't have a social media attorney specialist train your employees, you put your officers and organization at great legal risk." Chief Craig Dispenza, Freehold Boro Police, NJ

Courts Claim You Knew Or Should Have Known That Employees Use Personal Devices Without Oversight To Vent On Social Media. 

“"Mark, you course was exceptional, it took fear away from our administration on what to post and what to delete. We feel more comfortable after taking this course and you were always available to answer questions. I suggest that all agencies take this online course.” Chief Dwayne Wheeler, Taylorville, IL 

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In-House Attorneys, HR, And Other Government Employees Agree, My Online Social Media Liability Course Needs To Be Mandatory Training For All Employees.

I would recommend Mark's course to anyone looking to increase and better understand this ever-changing landscape of Social Media. As an agency, we will remain in contact with Mark and look to take additional courses with him as they become available to keep our knowledge of this area on point and current."

Chief Christopher J. Fletcher
Maple Shade, NJ (2021) 

“Mark, I have completed your online social media liability course. It was a great course and real eye opener for me. In today’s world, this topic is so important. One bad social media post could crush someone for life with a $500,000 or more lawsuit and destroy their reputation. Please keep me updated with upcoming courses.”

Chris Holleman, Investigator Florida Fish & Wildlife, FL (2021)

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