Written Social Media Policies Don't Fully Protect You. New Federal Standards Require All Policies To Be Enforced With Outside Expert Social Media Liability Training For All Employees

3 Affordable Compliance Steps
Protect your public image and mitigate legal risk.

Step 1:  Affordable Online Training That Includes My New "Red Flag System"

Step II: Podcast On How To Write An Airtight Personal Use Of Social Media Policy

Step III: Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz Updates Your Social Media Policies

My Type Of Expert Social Media Liability Training And Policy Drafting Cannot Be Done In-House Or At Conferences

Courts view social media as a "high risk" employee topic, not just a PR or marketing issue. New federal standards require all employees receive outside expert social media liability training. Also, social media policies must reflect the new federal drafting language standards.

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"Too many public employees have paid the price for not receiving the tools to navigate social media safely. After auditing Mark's Social Media Liability Course with our fire chief, we decided to mandate this training to every member of our teams. If you want to protect your people and your department, I highly recommend this course."
Chief Tim Barfield, Wellington, OH (2021)

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In-House Attorneys, HR, And Other Government Employees Agree, My Online Social Media Liability Course Needs To Be Mandatory Training For All Employees.

“Mark, this was an excellent workshop; cleared up misunderstandings regarding digital media and explained hidden risks associated with sending, receiving and forwarding content.”

City Clerk, S.H.
Oakland Park, FL

"Anyone in the public sector needs to learn this new information. Even if you are already pretty careful with your social media presence, you will learn new information that protects your career."

Zohar Zaied, Public Safety Admin.
Mendocino County, CA

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