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"Attorney Fiedelholtz is an outstanding presenter and the administrators left the training with the knowledge they need to
participate safely in the world of social media. The course is highly recommended." 
- Robert Dodig, Staff Attorney, School District of Lee County, FL

"Mark, I have 30 years in education. This information was worth my money and time."
 - Earl Taylor, Onslow Schools, Jacksonville, NC

"Mark, great job. Our Superintendents and IT Directors learned a great deal of new information."
 - Kevin Conner, Supervisor, Allegheny, PA

"This was very important information and training for our administrators to have." 
- Phyllis Criswell, Superintendent, Putnam County, FL

"Mark, your information was eye-opening to our members. Your focus on media liability instead of the traditional media relations
course was needed. I will recommend your work to others." 
-Karen Kleinz, National School Public Relations Association

"I have been in school communications for 16 years and this was fresh information I have not heard before.
Your liability strategies gave me a diffferent perspective." -
Tim Lussier, Moore County Schools, NC

"Mark, this was a thought provoking class. Your expert strategies on will end up saving my career." 
- Debbie Elmore, South Carolina School Board Association, SC

"Mark, the feedback from your program was tremendous. My administrators felt you were very knowledgeable and made the legal issues simple."
- Linda Haines, Charleston County School District, SC

"Awesome. This is some of the best media liability training I have had in 15 years of public service.
 -Tyrone Phelps, Winston Salem, NC

"Mark, I have 30 years in education. This information was worth my money and time." 
- Earl Taylor, Onslow Schools, Jacksonville, NC

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