Public Sector Social Media Lawsuits

Though private companies often find themselves in the crosshairs when it comes to lawsuits, there are plenty of cases brought against public organizations all of the time. Many such cases originate with poor decisions and perpetuated myths made on social media. Below are just a few examples of why it is so important to understand this area of the law.

Facebook Related Lawsuits

  • Petersburg, Virginia settles 4.7 Million Dollar Facebook post lawsuit

  • Charlotte, North Carolina loses Facebook post case and pays out $1.5 Million

  • Orange County, CA pays out 1.6 Million in text message case

  • Hopewell, Virginia Mayor Brenda Pelham settles a $2.35 Million defamation lawsuit

  • Whatcom Counties Risk Pool Pays out $300,000 to fired deputy for Facebook post

  • Facebook defamation leads to $500,000 settlement in Asheville, NC

  • A Colorado city has agreed to pay $212,000 to settle a racial profiling lawsuit over
    the arrest of two black men that was captured on cellphone video and widely viewed on social media.
  • City to pay $250,000 to man who says police deleted cellphone video

  • Arrested woman paid $134,000 to settle DEA agent's fake case put on Facebook

  • Timerlane Regional High School reaches $95,000 settlement over Facebook post

  • A Wisconsin man arrested for disparaging police on Facebook settles for $35,000

  • Arrested woman paid $134,000 to settle DEA agent's fake case put on Facebook

  • Worker settles lawsuit over free speech rights on a County Facebook page

  • Beech Grove settles Facebook deleted comments lawsuit

  • Tennessee County Sheriff settles First Amendment lawsuit for $41,000

  • Honolulu Police Department pays out $31,000 for removing Facebook comments

  • City of Somerset settles with a fired paramedic who criticized the Mayor on Facebook

    Twitter Lawsuits

  • Rogers High School student wins $425,000 settlement after suspension for tweet

  • Peoria settles suit for $125,000 over parody Twitter account that mocked mayor

    Video Lawsuits

  • California Highway Patrol pays family $2.4 million over Internet crash images

  • Ohio County pays 8 million to settle morgue photos lawsuit

  • Pennsylvania school district settles $1.2 million laptop privacy lawsuit

  • Ft. Lauderdale prosecutors drops hundreds of cases due to racist videos

  • City to pay $250,000 to a man who says police deleted cellphone video

  • City settles for $100,000 over student beaten by police for recording arrest

  • Boston pays $170,000 to settle cell phone recording lawsuit

  • City settles for $72,500 over Fall River man arrested for filming police officer

  • City of Baltimore pays $60,000 to settle lawsuit over cell phone recording

  • City of New Orleans pays cabbie $40,000 to settle cellphone video recording case

  • City of Portland pays $72,000 to settle a lawsuit over cellphone recording of police

  • Montgomery County pays $45,000 to settle lawsuit over First Amendment recording

  • Former Union County teachers settles lawsuit after cellphone nude photo scandal

  • Williamson School Board approves $36,000 to settle lawsuit over fight on video tape

  • East Bay EMT in hot water over Instagram of crash victim with mangled leg

    Social Media Public Record Lawsuits

  • Raritan Borough settles Gannett lawsuit for $650,000

  • Georgia citizen banned from recording council meeting settles for $200,000

  • Pima County officials block social media users, and don't maintain public records

    Invasion of Privacy Related Lawsuits

  • Jury awards $500,000 in revenge porn Skype session lawsuit

  • Cities pay out at least $665,000 to settle invasion of privacy lawsuit

  • A text message scandal in Cateret, New Jersey, cost $1 million.

  • The city of Ontario, California, spent $500,000 in a US Supreme Court text message case, they didn't have a written text message policy.

  • A police officer sued the Cleveland PD for $500,000 over a Facebook post.

  • Broward County prosecutors had hundreds of cases over racist police videos.

  • The city of Ferguson, Missouri, had found racist emails between police and court officials uncovered during the federal probe.

  • The city of Peoria, Illinois, paid out $125,000 in a settlement over a parody Twitter account that mocked the mayor.

  • More than 11,500 text messages were used as evidence in a Santa Barbara sexual harassment settlement.