Public Relations Testimonials

Mark was an amazing teacher. As an Emmy award-winning network news reporter/ producer for over 25 years, I thought I knew everything I needed to know when it came to media liability. Boy, was I wrong. Mark showed me so many ways I could be liable for what I post. His class alone will save me thousands of dollars and quite possibly my job. I highly recommend this class to not only journalists, bloggers, producers, directors, and writers but to any business owner."
- Susan Cingari, PR Practitioner, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I refer back to your information daily and it has paid off. We are going through some nasty public record requests right now
and because I listened to you, it worked out for me. Others who didn't have your information didn't fare so well."
 - Holley Wade, PIO, Hillsborough County, FL

"This was eye-opening liability information that blew away my previous media law training ."
- Peter Nickischer, PIO, Berks Regional Department , PA

"Mark, the material you covered was mind-blowing and eye-opening."
- Ashley Aleshire, Prince George County, VA

"This class opened my eyes to how woefully unaware I was of the new social media speech
laws in the workplace. All employees needs this class."
- Christian Antunez, Howell Township, NJ

"This class was a wake up call and can save your career, your personal life, your agency, and your co-workers." 
- Kristian DeVito, Colts Neck Township, NJ

"I had no idea of how much legal exposure my departmentand I were opened too." 
- George D. Casaletto, Keyport, NJ

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