Private Sector Social Media Lawsuits

• Courtney Love ended her second twitter defamation lawsuit with a $350,000 settlement. This was on top of the $430,000 settlement Love paid to resolve the first lawsuit.

• Actress Katherine Heigl settled a Twitter lawsuit for $6 million against Walgreen's Corporation.

• Michael Jordan sued the Dominick's company, alleging infringement of his right of publicity. The end result of the 2015 litigation was an $8.9 million judgment against Dominick's for the unauthorized use of Jordan's likeness.

• Papa John's™ settled a Spam lawsuit for $16.5 million over allegations it sent unwanted text messages to customers.
Jiffy Lube™ text message spam lawsuit settled for $47 million.

• A Tommie Copper™ lawsuit settled for $1.35 million less than a week after a deceptive advertising lawsuit was brought against the company by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

• Class action lawsuit argued Coca-Cola™ violated the Telephone Consumers Protection Act with unwanted text messages.

• $10 million lawsuit was filed against several companies that charged subscribers for unwanted mobile content.

• American Airlines™ sued blogging ex-employee and alleged moles. The suit alleges that the employees furnished the blogger with confidential flight information about current and former executives.

• $13 million settlement was reached in a LinkedIn spamming lawsuit.

• Imbee Data Collection, Industrious Kid, Inc. paid a $130,000 civil penalty for violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.
The FTC settled its first case in a new crackdown on fake reviews.

• Shaq O'Neal sued for allegedly posting a mocking photo on Instagram and Twitter. The plaintiff suffers from a skin disease.

• University of Illinois paid out a $2 million settlement to a professor fired for comments on social media.

• Lifelock™ is set to pay $100 million to settle FTC charges of deceptive advertising, and must secure customers' information.

• Galena Biopharma Inc. is to pay $20 million over misleading marketing.

• Member Source Media paid a $200,000 civil penalty for deceptive subject lines and other online advertising.

• In 2017, a HIPAA violation resulted in the firing of a medical employee after she posted about a patient on Facebook. The 24 year old med tech commented on a post about a patient killed in a car crash, using the words, “Should have worn her seatbelt…"

• ”Washington Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon filed a federal class-action lawsuit in Maryland against FanDuel on behalf of all the NFL players  whose likenesses and names the site uses, he says, without proper permission.

• 5W PR company has been sued over defamatory statements online.

• Rapper The Game must pay nanny $200,627 over Instagram libel.

• Las Vegas PR company quickly settled a copyright infringement case.

• A supplement maker sued its PR firm and Getty Images, claiming its fledgling business tanked when Jennifer Love Hewett sued for publicity rights after it paid for the rights to use the actress pictures in advertisements.

• Lumosity™ must pay $2 million to settle an FTC deceptive online advertising charge.

• The FTC settled its first case in a new crackdown on fake reviews.