Law Enforcement Testimonials

"Mark, excellent course. The risks are too high to use social media without this type of expert training."
- Philip B. Williams, Assistant Sheriff, Orange County, FL

"Mark, your information was like purchasing a one million dollar insurance policy."
- Bryan Macy, Winston Salem Police Department, NC

"The course was very informative. Mark delivered the subject matter in a dynamic manner."
- Chief Lynn Retsch, Pittsburgh Police Department, PA

"Very relevant. This course should be considered for all FDLE special academy and incoming agent classes."
- Susan Kuhn, Florida Department of Law Enforcement

"Well worth my money and time."
- Chief Brett Railey, Winter Park Police Department, FL

"Excellent workshop. It caused me to think about social media in a different way."
- Chief Michael Goldsmith, Norfolk Police, VA

"Mark, your stategies were absolutely eye-opening."
- Chief Roger Aikin, Bloomington Police Department, IL

"Mark, this course was very beneficial and demonstrated every word counts. Your realistic scenarios were highly instructive."
- Matthew E. Dierberg, United States Secret Service

"Mark, this course made a huge impact on all of us. We will immediately use your strategies."
- Karen burke, Training Manager, City of Starkville, MS

"Mark, I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that your liability strategies were invaluable to me. Your techniques put me in control."
- Lt. Anthony Masi, Yorktown Government, New York

"Great course, very informative. I think it should be a mandatory course."
- Lisa de Rojas, Miami Dade Police Department

"Mark, this was an eye-opening course that blew away any other previous social media liability training I received."
- Peter Nickischer, PIO Berks-Lehigh Regional Police, PA

"Absolutely amazing information. I learned more I could have imagined today."
- Kevin Johnson, Hopewell Police Department, VA

"Mark, your information was absolutely eye-opening."
- Major John Latty, Hall County Sheriff, GA

"First course I have attended with this information. You quickly get to the bottom line on strategies that can be impleneted immediately."
- Nelson Martinez, IT Director, Miami Beach, FL

"The attendees gleaned knowledge and skills they never knew about before. I know each participant thought your training was very useful."
- Karen Fitzgerald, American University Public Safety, Washington, D.C.

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