GoverNment Testimonials

"Very eye-opening and thought provoking with a lot of pertinent information."
- John Petrelli, Orange County Risk Manager, FL

"Very informative. More in-depth than any other social media course I have taken in the past."
- Sue Dry, HR Deputy Director, Lancaster, PA

"Awesome! This is some of the best media liability training i've had in 15 years of public service."
- Tyrone Phelps, Winston Salem, NC

"Mark, your strategies were absolutely eye-opening."
- Roger Aikin, City of Bloomington, IL

"Very good class. Opens your eyes up to issues we often don't think about."
- Howard Maltz, Jacksonville, FL

"The presentation was very informative and provided a solid platform for updating our social media policy."
- John Aston, State College, PA

"Mark, your information was eye-opening."
- John Latty, Hall County Government, GA

"First course I have ever seen offering this type of liability information. You quickly get to the bottom line on strategies and policies."
- Nelson Martinez, IT Director, Miami Beach, FL

"Excellent, wish had it 14 years ago."
- Tom Keith, District Attorney, Forsyth County, NC

"Very informative social media class. I would not have known the extent of an employer's potential liabiity but for attending this class."
- Jonathan T. Lanier, Assistant General Counsel, NC

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