Fire Testimonials

"Attorney Fiedelholtz took social media training to the next level. This course is a must for all the public service agencies."
- Brian Stoolhoff, Deputy Fire Chief, Ocala Fire Department, FL

"I thought the course was interesting and well presented. Attorney Fiedelholtz is extremely knowledgeable and passionate."
- Chief Robert Sayles, Norfolk, VA

"Mark, you gave me new insight into the hidden liabilities of social media."
- Chief Michael Collins, Wilson Borough Fire Department, PA

"Attorney Fiedelholtz is not only energetic and compassionate but full of knowledge to protect the public service/safety sector from
embarrassing claims and lawsuits."
- Ashley Aleshire, Prince George County Fire and EMS, VA

"All department heads, supervisors, elected and appointed officials need this training. It will save you thousands in legal fees."
- Attorney Linda J. Frosch, City of Maitland, FL

"Very enlightening course. I obtained important ideas to take back to my leadership as it relates to our social media footprint."
- Bill Suthard, PIO, Huntersville Fire Department, NC

"Mark, this was an eye-opening course that blew away any past social media training I received."
- Peter Nickischer, PIO Berks-Lehigh Regional, PA

"Great class, I learned a lot. I will re-develop district policy and seek your training for our firefighters to reduce our risk."
- Fire Chief Brian Gorski, Southern Manatee Fire Rescue, FL

"Mark, you opened my eyes on the hidden liabilities of the new laws."
- Lt. Ron Bowen, Orlando Fire Department, FL

"Mark, your entire course was excellent. I highly recommend this information to all fire officials."
- Chief David A. Veath, Huntley Fire Protector, IL

"This information is a must for anyone who deals with today's new media in an understandable and interesting teaching style.
- Chief Philip A. burns, Rolling Meadows Fire Department, IL

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